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‘Magenta blossom - 24 ct gold leaf’ - Original Canvas Mixed Media Painting

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Original Oil Painting on Canvas on top of digital art print, with 24CT Gold Leaf

‘Magenta blossom - 24 ct gold leaf’ 

Original Oil Painting on canvas with 24 ct gold leaf 

(40cm x 40cm/16inch x 16inch) 

This piece is one of the first oil paintings which I would consider, now, to be my recognisable style of painting. I have developed this unique style over the last few years as I had never worked with oils before 2019 and found myself obsessed with mastering my own individual technique with the notoriously tricky medium. During my research I fell in love with and was heavily influenced by the incredible works of British artist Katy Jade Dobson, also, although the complete antithesis the master that is Mr Bob Ross taught me a great deal in terms of techniques, and finally my ultimate inspiration from my childhood, (after seeing his seascapes in Galleries I was genuinely blown away) J.M. William Turner I have been influenced by his work ever since. The use of colours, the emotions, expressiveness within his work, the movement, the ambiguous forms of ships and trains and clouds and smoke. You just got lost within the realms and depth of the paintings, that is what I aspire towards. I believe this piece was the turning point for my painting technique. From this painting on, I show my own unique, contemporary expressionist style of intense, vibrant colours, majestic or fantastical backgrounds, vibrant colour pallets blurred together, merging but still intense and eye-catching drawing the viewer into the depths and the details within the paintings.

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