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Epoxy Resin Art - Sterling Silver - 1mm width - Belcher Rolo Style - Hallmarked 925 - 20'' Length Chain

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Sterling Silver - 1mm width - Belcher Rolo Style - Hallmarked 925 - 20'' Length Chain

All my Jewellery is handmade Epoxy Resin, Necklaces with either Black Waxed cotton Necklace Cord or Sterling Silver 925 Stamped Necklace Chains.

All Earrings are lovingly crafted with Sterling Silver 925 Stamped Earring Hooks or Studs.

The Epoxy Resin Art is created with Epoxy Resin, and some added surprises including real pressed flowers, handpicked real flowers, Alcohol Inks, Mica Powders, Glitter/Glitter Shards, buttons, found objects, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Flakes, and crushed gold glass.

Each completely one-of-a-kind piece is a 'Minatare Artwork' to be worn proudly representing the collector’s individuality, uniqueness and beauty, embracing our differences as individuals.

It takes time for each piece to be, sanded, polished and even many chain fixtures handcrafted to add extra special unique details, creating exclusive, completely one-off pieces of Jewellery, which will transform the collector of the Epoxy Resin Art Jewellery to a place of inner belief, self-worth, and complete confidence in the 'true you', you are one-of-a-kind, magical and beautiful!

Crafted using high quality materials, packaged and ready to be your 'Art, Voice & Soul' - wear it with pride, express who you truly are, show your individuality and your incredible, unique beauty!...I put my heart and soul into each lovingly handcrafted that you...can! (NeosDesigns-Art Ltd)

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