Art Intervention Specialist - WHY?

Why I do what I do…’The Art of Healing’ 

People may wonder why I decided to go Full time with my Art practice, to turn my ‘hobby’ into a business and income. Well, I thought I would take the time to explain how I came to the decision to become an independent artist… 

As many of you may know I have struggled for about 7 years with my health, this has been a big part of my decision. I came to realise recently, that my body has been screaming at me for years to change how I am living and what I am doing, and I am finally listening. 

Not everyone has the confidence to speak their minds, not everyone has the verbal ability to speak their minds, but one thing that everyone does speak, is the universal language of Art. 

Art is my voice, my expression, my truth, my escape and my joy. 

I create Art as a form of therapy for my own personal therapeutic benefit. Sometimes I use it to express my thoughts, experiences or emotions and sometimes I use it to escape from them, into my own alternate reality, my ‘Fantasy Land’, my ‘safe space’. And sometimes the simple act of artmaking itself, I do purely for the love and enjoyment I get form creating. The therapeutic benefits I feel in my deepest core, as I transcend into a meditative state, while immersed in what I am creating, the act of creating, without thinking, without the constraints of rules or time, blissfully unaware of the world around me. For me, there is no better feeling. 

Art heals me, feeds my soul, fills me with joy. This is why I do what I do. Once I was aware of it, it was almost a jerk reaction to go full time, how could I not? How could I go back to forcing my body to scream at me? How could I ignore the healing effects art has on my mind and body? 

Most of all, this realization of the healing effects of Art, from my own experiences, coupled with my time working in a special educational needs school, has given me the greatest desire to share my experiences and knowledge with others, so they might benefit through creative expression in the same way I have been able to. That, for me, would be incredibly rewarding, to help others discover the healing benefits of Art. 

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