Finding Funds-‘Go Fund Me’

Costing €250 and definitely not wanting to miss out on this incredible opportunity I decided to be brave and do something I’ve never done before..

I went onto my Facebook page and I put together a Personal fundraiser campaign (‘Go Fund Me’ Campaign). This is something I would never even have dreamt of doing in the past, but having gone through a huge shift in who I am, my mindset, what I want in life, why I do what I do and what my true aspirations are. I now have the courage, determination and conviction to do what I need to do to make what I desire a reality. I explained the situation I was in and simply said if you can and would like to support me and donate to raise the funds for my fee I would be so very grateful. It’s only been active since late last night/early this morning, it’s now 11.39 am and I have raised £57 of the target of £250!! I’m blown away with the success so far and feel so very grateful and appreciative of all the support, shares and donations I’ve received already!!

Facebook fundraiser describes my ‘Go Fund Me’ appeal as below..

‘I’ve been contacted by the curator on M.A.D.S International Contemporary Gallery in Milan, Italy! Offering an incredible opportunity to exhibit in the ‘Phìlo-Poèm’ Exhibition - 21/5/21-31/5/21

This unique opportunity would not only showcase my work internationally, but the fee for exhibiting covers the cost of publication, advertising, customised online promotion (including on curators pages), photo & video reportage of the event, posts, stories, featured stories, a personal section dedicated to each artist on the official website (with personal link), artwork analysis, written critical review, curatorship for artwork, confinement of ‘Diploma Honorrificus of Participation’, catalogue of exhibition, team of multilingual qualified professionals at your service to assist, advice, promote, you and your artwork, assisting you until the final sale (with no commission fee).
Team of professionals-webmaster, graphic, photographers, art curators, art director, commercial director, communications manager, mediators, advisors, dealers, seekers.
Unfortunately, due to illness I’ve had to use my savings on rent and bills, so if you are willing to support me and able to donate even £1 towards my exhibition fee of €250 I would be so very grateful!
It’s such a huge opportunity, I thought I’ve just got to at least try to raise the funds to exhibit.
Check it out here:

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