How Do You Stand

Some of my artwork is purely for therapeutic benefit, for me. It was not meant to be seen, it just allowed me to express my deepest emotions and experiences-which I normally keep inside and rarely reveal to anyone.

It occurred to me, however, that if I’d known others felt the way I do, thought the things I do, or even simply to see that art can be a voice for those of us who struggle to verbalise our thoughts and could be a really wonderful thing to someone struggling like I was before I unintentionally discovered the therapeutic benefits of Art. More than that, my art is my voice when I thought I didn’t have one, my escape when I need one and my joy anytime I like.

That’s why I share my personal artwork, because if it can help me, then it can help others too. Putting my confessional artwork out there, bearing my soul to the world, showing my raw honest truth is a scary thing..but if it resonates with just one person and helps them to find a way to cope with their struggles, then it was worth it.

‘How do you stand?’
Original Poetry Sketch
Ball point pen and coloured pencils

‘How do you stand?’

‘How do you stand up…
When wet sandbags are pulling you down?
How do you relax..
When the twitching in your limbs won’t subside?
How do you fall asleep..
When the pain is so loud?’

Eleni NeoBenyon

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