‘Hummingbird - 1 - Poem’ - Fantasy Land Series

‘Hummingbird 1’
A3 Watercolour Painting


My wings are spread,
But the wind knocks me down,
I’m struggling to fly,
Fear pulls me down,

Philosophy and poetry,
Examine me,
So emotionally,
Who was it,
I used to be?
Who was it,
You used to see?

Who is it,
That you say is me?
Why can't I see,
That version of me?
The one everyone else can see?

I try to change the things in me,
Which I feel are wrong or damaged in me,
But what if all those parts of me…

Make me…
All of me,
The honest,
Real version of me?

If I kept it all?
All those parts of me?
The broken parts of me?
The – not working so good – parts of me?
The true, honest, raw, bruised version of me?
And I learned to accept all of me?
To appreciate all of me?
To love all of me…

Would I soar through the colourful skies again?
Would I fly high in the notion,
Of colourful love and creative devotion?

Eleni NeoBenyon

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