My Covid19

My Covid19

During the first lockdown, I was on furlough leave, isolated from friends and family, like so many others…I felt alone, worried, scared and vulnerable. I felt a huge sense guilt for my partner at the time who was a nurse, working all hours, exhausted, stressed, but most of all trying to constantly reassure friends and family, when in reality, she was terrified.
What’s most interesting and incredible during this unique and uncertain time, to me, is that among all the awful suffering, illness, deaths, global economic impact and massive disruption to everyday life to all of us effected by Covid19…simultaneously the world is healing, breathing, seems as though Mother Nature has taken control to help our planet by forcing us to stop and let our world begin to heal itself before it’s too late.
It is incredible how at the same time as causing devastation, Coronavirus has provoked such kindness, respect and appreciation in so many people around the world, which I hope will stay long after the seems like an extreme, harsh lesson, but I hope we learn from this…I hope when we come out of this pandemic we find a way to live better, cleaner, kinder and more respectful, to not only our key workers, our NHS and each other, but to our plant too.

My Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land – Series

In my ‘Fantasy Land’ series I explore my love and passion of colour, the textures, marks, blending and bleeding effects I create during the physical process of art-making. ‘Fantasy Land’ emerged from my subconscious autonomic artistic meditation which I dove into, in order to escape during my illness/recovery. Art has and always is my only therapy, my voice, my escape, my fantasy and this is my ‘Fantasy Land’. Parallel to this project I have an art journal which is essentially my diary, my truth, thoughts, emotions, honest, raw, brutal reality. I release all of this in image form and later I can look back at it and articulate how and what it was I was thinking and feeling. Simultaneously however, I need to escape from that brutal reality, which is how I found my ‘Fantasy Land’ series. My happy place. My alternative reality, with no rules, where anything goes, where my mind doesn’t think, my creativity just takes over. Images appear to me as I draw or paint into the colourful explosions, with no real planning or international preconceived or rehearsed compositions. It’s just like when you were a child and you lay on the grass with your friends looking up at the clouds, studying the shapes until the forms suddenly start jumping out at you, a dog, a dragon, etc. The creative imagination takes over, ‘Fantasy Land’ unfolds its own imagery, its own magic, its own realm of reality.

Our Endangered World

Our Endangered World – Collection

Among a wide range of artwork, I have created a small collection called ‘Our Endangered World’. As an animal lover and artist, I found myself embarking on a journey, in which it was my mission to not only attempt to create beautiful artwork but to capture the majestic beauty of animals who live among us in this ever-changing world.
Furthermore, the desire I had was not only to capture their beauty but also their vulnerability, as well as their strength. I had hoped to create some awareness through my artwork, of some of the incredible animals we share this world with who are classified as vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered. I felt a sense of responsibility to raise awareness and remind people of the beauty of our animals, before any more of them become extinct from the world we know and continue to destroy.

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