M.A.D.S. Milano Exhibition

Well, having gained the courage to set up the fundraiser to pay the fee to exhibit in the M.A.D.S. Milano International Contemporary Gallery Exhibition ‘Phìlo-Poèm’, I was completely blown away and incredibly overwhelmed by the response! The kind generosity and support I received by so many was way beyond my expectations, I had in fact not even contemplated actually hitting the target, I simply thought if I didn’t try I would regret it. However, not only did I receive enough donations to meet my target but I actually exceeded it! Which meant that I could not only submit to the exhibition in Milan but I could also buy the art materials I had been unable to afford in order to develop the project I am currently working on! It was absolutely incredible!

The piece I have currently exhibiting in the ‘Phìlo-Poem’ exhibition is…

Framed and Mounted Original Watercolour Painting
From the ‘Fantasy Land’ series

A3 size Watercolour Paper and Liquid Watercolour Paints with clear gloss varnish seal and finishing sprays.
Framed in an A2 size Frame with A3 size Mount

This piece is one of the first of a series I call ‘Fantasy Land’. In which I explore my love and passion of intense vibrant colours, the textures, marks, blending and bleeding effects I can create during the physical process of creating. ‘Fantasy Land’ emerged from my subconscious autonomic artistic meditation, which I dove into, to escape, during my illness/recovery. Art has and always is, my only therapy, my voice, my escape, my fantasy and this is my ‘Fantasy Land’. Parallel to this project I have an art journal which is essentially my diary, my truth, thoughts, emotions, honest, raw, brutal reality. I release all of this in image form and later, can look back at it and articulate how and what it was I was thinking and feeling. Simultaneously, I need to escape from the brutal reality, which is how I found my ‘Fantasy Land’ series. My happy place. My alternative reality, with no rules, where anything goes, where my mind doesn’t think, my creativity just takes over. Images appear to me as I draw or paint into the colourful explosions, with no real planning or international preconceived or rehearsed compositions. It’s just like when you were a child and you lay on the grass with your friends looking up at the clouds, studying the shapes until the forms suddenly start jumping out at you, a dog, a dragon, etc. The creative imagination takes over, ‘Fantasy Land’ unfolds its own imagery, its own magic, its own realm of reality, serenity, and beauty.

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My wings are spread,
But the wind knocks me down,
I’m struggling to fly,
Fear pulls me down,

Philosophy and poetry,
Examine me,
So emotionally,
Who was it,
I used to be?
Who was it,
You used to see?
Who is it,
That you say is me?
Why can’t I see,
That version of me?
The one everyone else can see?
I try to change the things in me,
Which I feel are wrong or damaged in me,
But what if all those parts of me,
Make me,
All of me,
The honest,
Real version of me?

If I kept it all?
All those parts of me?
The broken parts of me?
The – not working so good – parts of me?
The true, honest, raw, bruised version of me?
And I learned to accept all of me?
To appreciate all of me?
To love all of me,
Would I sore through the colourful skies again?
Would I fly high in the notion,
Of colourful love and creative devotion?

Sit And Stare

When I need time for me, solitude, peace and harmony,
I sit and stare..

‘Sit and Stare ‘

‘I sit and stare,
Into the trees,
And the sky above.

I follow the rhythms,
Of the bird’s lullaby’s,
Sat on the branches,
Singing to the skies.

Their beautiful tunes,
Release in me,
A poetic flow,
A creativity.

I follow the birds,
As they soar in the sky,
They glide through the clouds,
Becoming one with the wind.

Their poetic motion,
Flows like a stream,
Watching them silently,
Releases an impenetrable serene.

Deep in my core,
Sparks creativity,
The birds,
Their songs,
And Mother-Nature,
Inspire so much imagination in me.’

A Message To My Babies

‘A message to my babies’

‘How do I say goodbye,
I can’t,
I never even had the chance.

How do I move on,
I can’t,
I don’t even want to think of that.

How do I make peace with it,
Not knowing how you are each day,
I can’t.

I wonder every day,
Each time I see a child,
Each time I watch them play,
Each time I want a hug,
Each time I want to say,
I love you,
I miss you,
Each and every day.

There’s not one minute that goes by,
When you’re not here in my thoughts.

Your always in my heart,
This is why I won’t let go,
I won’t let this part of me subside,
Because you are a part of me,
My heart and soul,
You are to me,
We may not share the same bloodline,
But to me,

You are mine,
And I am yours,
Until the end of time I will be yours.

When you need me,
No matter how many days it’s been,
How many weeks,
Or months,
Or years long it’s been,
I’ll be here waiting,
My babies,
You will always be.

No matter how mature you are,
How much you think you know,
You will never know the love for you,
That is here forever in my heart.

The pain that fills my heart and soul,
The ache which penetrates,
Deep within my core.

Without knowing how you are,
Where you are,
With whom you are?
To hear you laugh,
To hold you when you need to cry,
To simply be there by your side,
How can I even begin to feel whole inside?

How could I possibly begin,
To describe the pain,
Of loving two things so unbelievably precious,
Only for them to be taken away,
No contact,
No communication,
No knowledge of how they are?

No words would give this pain it’s justice,
No torture would stand to match,

I know I’m in no way perfect,
I know I’ve made mistakes,
For this I’m so very truly sorry,
But I hope one day you realise this,
We are all just human beings,
We learn from our mistakes,
That’s not said to excuse them,
It just helps us,
Not to make repeat those same mistakes.

No parent anywhere is perfect,
Me included,
But the love of a mother,
Through blood or not,
Is the strongest love that ever was,
There is no end,
Until my very last breath,
You will be my unconditional loves,
Whether you’re aware or not.’

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