My Parallel Journeys

I absolutely adore intense vibrant colour! I’m developing a series at the moment called ‘Fantasy Land’ it’s super colourful, full of intense, vibrant colour explorations, somewhat abstract/surreal but I tend to describe it as contemporary expressionism as it’s my escape from reality and interestingly parallel to this I have my ‘Artists Diary’ where I bare my soul with my raw truth and pure emotions. ‘Fantasy Land’ appeared almost from nowhere, it was an escapism from the darkness I was submerged in, a place I could go to, where there were no rules, where the subconscious creativity took over and the process of creating without intention or planning was autumnal. I didn’t need to think, I was taken away in a state of meditation where nothing else existed but the creative realm I was immersed in.

I see things reveal themselves within the colours and draw into them with no real preconceived composition or subject. I have loose sub categories such as animals, hummingbirds, floral, elephants, etc for inspiration and because they are all things which I love and in my ‘Fantasy Land’ I want it to be full of love and happy imagery and joy. My aim is to develop the watercolour series to large scale canvases using alcohol inks to create similar effects as the watercolour paintings but hopefully more vibrant and even more intriguing with the bleeding and blending of colours and textures and intricacies I’m able to create with a larger scale. Surreal in what appears to me in the imagery I see within the colour explosions I create, expressive in my cathartic process of creation. Hopefully forming a stunning realm of ‘Fantasy’ and escapism not only for me but for the viewer also.

Art Is My Saviour

Those that know me, know that Art is my therapy, more than’s my meditation, my ray of light in a world of’s my saviour..I spent years unable to articulate my thoughts and emotions but through my Art I found my’s a powerful thing to be able to speak your whatever way resonates with you.

It’s so true about philosophy, poetry and art being intertwined within an artists creativity, that’s definitely how I feel anyway. I keep a personal art journal in which I release my raw honest emotions, pure truth and brutal reality, through image form, which later I can look back at and reflect on, only can I then articulate how I felt at the time, what I was thinking about when I created the image, my deepest thoughts and honest emotions. I refer to it as my ‘artists diary’.

It’s the only way that I am able to release and verbalise my true experiences, and honest emotions, of which I would never normally expose or reveal. I used to keep everything bottled up inside and through my art, my poetry, my creativity, I found a way, which resonates with my soul, enabling me to express my true emotions, my true story. It was never intended to be seen by anyone but done purely for my own therapeutic benefit, for my own self preservation in a particularly dark, traumatic time.

However, now that I’m coming out of that darkness, I feel it may help others in some way, if they are able to relate, to know it’s ok to feel that way, to wonder those burning questions, to know that others feel the same deep dark thoughts, I want them to know..It will pass, I promise you that.

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