Sit And Stare

When I need time for me, solitude, peace and harmony,
I sit and stare..

‘Sit and Stare ‘

‘I sit and stare,
Into the trees,
And the sky above.

I follow the rhythms,
Of the bird’s lullaby’s,
Sat on the branches,
Singing to the skies.

Their beautiful tunes,
Release in me,
A poetic flow,
A creativity.

I follow the birds,
As they soar in the sky,
They glide through the clouds,
Becoming one with the wind.

Their poetic motion,
Flows like a stream,
Watching them silently,
Releases an impenetrable serene.

Deep in my core,
Sparks creativity,
The birds,
Their songs,
And Mother-Nature,
Inspire so much imagination in me.’

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