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Fantasy Land - Peacocks/Feathers/Birds - Landscape

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Original Artwork  

'Fantasy Land - Peacocks/Feathers/Birds - Landscape'  

Alcohol Inks, Acrylic paint and Epoxy Resin on Canvas Board  

20cm x 25cm  

from the 'Fantasy Land Series'  

This piece is from the 'Fantasy Land' Series. Originally watercolours paintings, I desired to develop the series onto canvases using alcohol Inks and exploration with Epoxy Resin for a finishing medium. I absolutely adore the intensity of the colours created by using alcohol inks and epoxy resin finish. the vibrancy, textures and the incredible effects of the alcohol inks and epoxy resin combination produce an intriguing and powerful finish to this piece and has inspired me to keep exploring this new method of creation. 

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