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Original Watercolour Painting - 'Hummingbird Rose' - Framed & Mounted A3 Size

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‘Fantasy Land - Hummingbird Rose’

A3 size Original Watercolour Painting  

Framed and Mounted-Frame A2 size with A3 size Mount

 Previously on display at

Pioneer Business Park, North Road, Ellesmere Port CH65 1AD

This piece is one of the watercolour paintings in a series I call ‘Fantasy Land’. In which I explore my love and passion of colour, the textures marks, blending and bleeding effects I can create during the physical process of creating. ‘Fantasy Land’ emerged from my subconscious autonomic artistic meditation which I dove into in order to escape during my illness/recovery. Art has and always is my only therapy, my voice, my escape, my fantasy and this is my ‘Fantasy Land’. Parallel to this project I have an art journal which is essentially my diary, my truth, thoughts, emotions, honest, raw, brutal reality. I release all of this in image form and later can look back at it and articulate how and what it was I was thinking and feeling, but simultaneously I need to escape from the brutal reality, which is how I found my ‘Fantasy Land’ series. My happy place. My alternative reality, with no rules, where anything goes, where my mind does not think, my creativity just takes over. Images appear to me as I draw or paint into the colourful explosions, with no real planning or international preconceived or rehearsed compositions. It is just like when you were a child and you lay on the grass with your friends looking up at the clouds, studying the shapes until the forms suddenly start jumping out at you, a dog, a dragon, etc. The creative imagination takes over, ‘Fantasy Land’ unfolds its own imagery, its own magic, its own realm of reality.

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