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'Giraffe Drip Painting Yellow with 24Ct Gold Leaf' - Mixed Media on Canvas

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'Giraffe Drip Painting - Yellow with 24Ct Gold Leaf' 

Mixed Media on Canvas 

Print and oil paint on canvas with 24Ct Gold Leaf 

and Clear Gloss Varnish Finish

Classification - Kordofan & Nubian giraffes - Critically Endangered (CR)

60 x 40 cm

Previously on display at ART BOX GALLERY CHESTER

98, Boughton, Chester, CH3 5AQ. 

Previously on display at

Chris Beesley Studio Gallery, 6 Bruche Heath Gardens, Warrington, WA1 3TP

This Mixed Media Piece was created firstly from digitally editing a photograph of a watercolour painting of a Giraffe playfully licking his nose. this was then digitally printed onto canvas and then Oil paint was used to paint back into the canvas with some 24Ct Gold Leaf and a Clear Gloss Varnish Finish.

'Giraffe Drip Painting Yellow with 24Ct Gold Leaf' of part of the 'Our Endangered World Collection' Among a wide range of artwork, I created this small collection called as an animal lover and artist. I found myself embarking on a journey, in which it was my mission to not only attempt to create beautiful artwork but to capture the majestic beauty of animals who live among us in this ever-changing world.

Furthermore, the desire I had was not only to capture their beauty but also their vulnerability, as well as their strength. In this piece in particular I wanted to capture the playful cheekiness of young Giraffes, their innocence like the innocence of our children. I had hoped to create some awareness through my artwork, of some of the incredible animals we share this world with who are classified as vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered. I felt a sense of responsibility to raise awareness and remind people of the beauty of our animals, before any more of them become extinct from the world we know and continue to destroy.

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